Types of Scaffolding > Fall Protection

Fall protection is, by far, the greatest safety challenge for erectors and all types of scaffolding and access systems. Over 70% of all scaffold related fatalities are falls from the platform or access. In addition, the use of most personal fall arrest systems (PFAs) for scaffolding represents even greater challenges. PFAs used on scaffold and access devices must contend with difficult issues such as: anchorage, freefall, swingfall, energy absorption, obstructions and impalement hazards.

Guardrails are by far the most common and effective fall protection tool for supported scaffolds, however, they are not an easy solution for scaffolds while being erected or dismantled or even for other access systems such as: swingstage scaffolds and powered elevating work platforms.

The SIAC Fall Protection Committee is dedicated to working with the SIAC member firms and affiliates, such as regulatory and standards agencies as well as fall protection equipment manufacturers to develop and communicate fall protection “industry best practices” for scaffolds and access systems.