Types of Scaffolding > Swingstage

A swingstage could be described as a suspended platform varying in sizes from 5 feet to 32 feet in length that is suspended from permanent or temporary rigging on the roof of a high rise building. Fixed length platforms vary in sizes up to 32’ in length and typically have a capacity of 750 lbs. In recent years, Modular Platform have become very popular, allowing for increased flexibility and easier storage for both the end user and supplier. Modular Platforms come in various size components that allow for increased stage lengths greater than 32 feet. Depending on the length of the stage and manufacturer, Modular Platforms can have capacities as high as 1500 lbs.

Both styles of platforms can have manual, air or electric lifting devises to allow for a platform to be elevated or lowered up the sides of buildings, stacks, boilers or any other elevated structure.

Swingstages are typically used by: window washers, restoration contractors, window installers, caulking contractors or any other trade where high rise access is required.